Having serious high Packet loss issue and an app bug that is peventing the anti cheat from running



So today I have installed sostronk fresh from the website as I had reset my PC and the first PUG that I joined was laggy because of high packet loss of over 50% in average the whole game. I checked if it was a problem with my internet connection but it was fine from my end because I could connect to sostronk dm and retake servers with stable ping and 0% loss. I joined another PUG after that and faced the same issue again. It seems that I am having this issue only with Sostronk PUGs. Also to my surprise the anti cheat Odin is not running even when I am trying to turn it on. It says “Anti Cheat is errored” every time.
I have never had packet loss issue as I have a pretty good fiber optic connection. This is the first time I faced such a issue. Please look into it. Any help will be appreciated. I am also attaching a winmtr report of my connection to the server I played in.

Edit: I was able to solve the anti cheat issue after disabling secure boot. I’ll update the post after checking if the packet loss issue still persists.


You need to run WinMTR while you are connected to the PUG and experiencing loss (because generally ping packets used by WinMTR are very small).