Having problem in connecting with steam id!



The problem i am facing is , i created a new id with a different email and connected it with the steam id, but the email i used i forgot its password so i couldnot see the verification link send by sostronk as well . The problem now is i cant connect my steam id with any other sostronk id , so i would request the admin to delete my account or disconnect my steam id with the other account as i cannot connect it with other accounts.
http://prntscr.com/8hmorg screenshot of my problem . Thanks :slight_smile:


Do you remember the alias you used for that account? Also can you share your steam community link.


A hint for your email with which you’ve registered your old account is son*****@gmail.com.


Can you add me in steam? http://steamcommunity.com/id/poWar


yes accept !


@powar1 the same mssg is showing while connecting to My steam ID
But i didnt linked it to any another ID
well this is my first ID in sostronk
help please


Same problem am also facing! Need help pls


Help pliz!




same problem help me too


Give your steam community links here. We’ll check what’s wrong.


similar problem. i used an alias with my email to connect with steam but did not receive a verification mail. so i made the mistake of creating another alias with the same email…and now it doesnt link with my steam. this alias is the current alias which im unable to connect with steam.