Harassment in pug

Played a pug yesterday n this 1337A kept harassing the whole game saying “show your boobies… send nudes… is your house free can i come over” and shit. He did not stop at all… obviously you guys gonna say just mute them and play but atleast ban their IP for a week atleast so that they will think before acting the same with other girls who are out there in this community.
I am linking the pug we played yesterday.
Please do the needul :slight_smile:


We do not yet have an official policy around this but @1337A1 be warned that behaving like a complete idiot is good enough for a griefing ban.

That won’t be useful because most ISPs provide dynamic IPs which keep changing. Also, banning an IP over a NAT’d ISP will cause multiple users to be affected.

i m so sorry to say that but sir i dint do anything wrong even if i did i m “SORRY FOR MY MISTAKE” AND PLS HELP ME i can redem my sostronk points which i have won in smg leaderboard and silver leaderboard also i have ordered cz from sostronk market its been a week still i m not getting anything sir can u help me please

ty i guess i received 8500 points for 4th place in silver but i dint receive yet “MY SMG RESWAREDS SIR PLEASE GET ME THERE TOO PLEASE” ty

i promise no more abuse in pugs

@1337A1 if you have made an order it will be fulfilled in 14 days