Handling AFKs in PUG


#Issue With Suggestion On Fix
So recently i have started playing on SoStronk and i liked it very much :slight_smile: But again there were some issues i noticed… One of which was Players going AFK for few rounds.
So something came up in my mind…
How about giving up an option to teammates to flag a player as AFK and give the AFK player 2 minutes(or 3) to type something in chat to remove that AFK flag on him else just kick him off giving him a 15 minutes cooldown and let some active player join back on his place :wink:
What say guys ? :blush:


2-3 mins is too much
they should be kicked after 1 round


There is a .kick command you can use.


Tagging someone AFK is a little too much for PUG imho :smile:


@ankushsethi as above ^ you can use .kick


As after a recent update we can kick a player only once in a day. Won’t it be better to keep two different self explanatory commands - .kick and .kickafks.

For kicking the afks - Server would issue a notice in the chat to the players itself after determining a player’s idle time, which will be a fixed time in all the cases.

Say, the server looks for the players who are idle for more than 1 minute, as soon as the threshold is reached the player gets flagged as an AFK and a notice of kicking him is issued in the chat to his team-mates. Now, he will be kicked only if his teammates want him to be kicked out.