Hacker named Jkshah

please watch our last game of de_mirage as there was this stupid hacker prefiring… you can directly see from round 11-8 ct… this is the id https://www.sostronk.com/user/jkshah97 … player name jkshah

Hello Admins,

@akS @shaan7 @bleh

I was in this match, Where this guy was matched against us. I downloaded the demo and wanted to see myself whether he was good or on hacks. I did find that his aim & movement was zero but from the following rounds he started aiming behind the walls.

Pug Link - https://www.sostronk.com/pug/4961691813281792

CT side - 4-3, 4-5, 4-6 continuing… You can see him aiming with awp and tracing the opponents via walls, Furthermore he is telling his team mates posies as can be heard on the mic.

Full blatent walls

T side - 13-7, You can see him going to B apps with sgs and taking a headshot via smoke to the van player.
You can see his own team mate saying in chat - WTF and blatant walling.

His team mates were fully supporting him and were saying “SoStronk admins are shit heads and they can’t ban”. Can be seen in red and green marked in the uploaded snapshot.

Kindly do the needful. Have a look at the demo and let us know.

Thank You & Merry Christmas to all at Sostronk.

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