Hacker in sostronk!

I dont normally report on sostronk blog,but i tried to contact bleh on steam but i dont think he gives his response there.So i decided to report here instead,So there was a guy who was blatant hacking,Infact i did some tests in game.like for 3 rounds i went a slope (where he was playing),and i stood there so he killed me thrice and its not like it was a spawn prefire,i took a hold den peeked and result was the same,His teamate told me he is hacking,my teamates told me the same and he has 5 pages of hacking reports on steam,Admin please https://www.sostronk.com/pug/5566430094819328 the guy who was hacking was “AIMbat”,and ingame nick was “TuMHarE PaPaJ1 // SoStronk.com” If you need the demo just ping me around

He is banned. Thank you for reporting.

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Very skilled and pro over watchers we have here. The guy who complained about me is a noob and a “free frag”. This stupid idiot did violent rushes and i sprayed bullets in smoke because of which he died couple of times or lost his hp. I think you guys dun even watch demos and ban players as someone posts any thing like look he has 5 pages of comments saying he hacks lol. The first comment i received saying waller was in august. I just dun delete the comment when someone calls me waller. Great to see the judgement from noobs who are soon going to be criticised all over hltv and cs go communities.

https://www.sostronk.com/user/rnl hello sostronk pls ban this guy from pug blatently walling and abusing ppl with rage hacks please help his main id link is http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198444493873.