Hacker Alert in PUG

@akS^ (Staff) hacker alert check https://www.sostronk.com/user/EasykillseveR2
in pug
Pug Match Link: https://www.sostronk.com/pug/5655777955545088
he had a live match going on vs TM. (Spec IP: connect and was playing like a total noob fuck

@akS @shaan7 - Hello admins, I did watch the game which just happened and I could undoubtedly say the guy stated above was hacking in his demo of inferno against musix team. As in the current game he played worse than a wood cock. Kindly watch both the demo’s, compare and conclude.

Thank You

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@Mus1x @WhoreHouse Please share the rounds, ticks where cheating is evident so that we can review.

he was walling for sure

Not enough, list the rounds as well.

Sure, will do