Griefing ban due to unfair reports

the griefing ban system is little unfair. Even when i am carrying and my team mates are throwing the match i requested them not to and when i scolded them whole 4 man lobby reported me and made the opponents also report me.

This is just not fair if there is a griefing ban then check the videos and then give a ban not just on reporting.


First of all ban all the toxic players and abusers… They are shamefull characters for an Indian community cs go scene… We need positive supporters guyz to promote esports in india… As I always say “Toxicity will ruin this game”

Ok this thing is happen to me several time . Some 13-14 year old kid doesn’t even know how to play cs and report you for not listening there F****** ideas . Now I lodge a complain in consumer forum because for ban i cannot play and they didn’t refund the subscription money . Sostronk get a legal kick soon

The automatic ban happens only if a lot of different players report the same player in just couple of days. This makes it extremely hard for just a handful players to gang up and report enough to get someone griefing bans.

i got reports in games which had 3 man 2 man lobbies so even if im not doing ill have 3 reports which are fake in the first place and get banned for no reason? seems unfair