Griefers and throwers galore (in a single PUG)

Pug link:

RazoRSki11zZ - disconnecting and reconnecting to avoid kick and throwing the match in general.

aK - throwing the match by calling out teammate locations and inciting his teammates to leave the match to cancel it.

Please take appropriate action.


RazoRSki11zZ is now RazoRG0DSki11zZ


Thanks for the report. Allow us some time to review the available information and get back to you.

Bumping this for updates!

These guys are 2 of the most toxic players i’ve ever come across while playing a pug. Cursing and griefing at absolutely anything and everything. If they start losing, they encourage everyone to leave the pug so as to cancel it. Has happened multiple times with me as well. Please do the neeedful. Thanks!


We haven’t abandoned this. We’re doing multiple reviews. The offenders will be punished. You have my word.


Bumping for visibility!

@shaan7 @Nemz

This is open and shut!

Any update on this? @Nemz