Griefer in PUG, Please have a look!

Here is the PUG link

SSTK account link

Started griefing from warmup only, and started Spamming some Bad and Very harsh words regarding my mom in All Chat.
Spamming bad words on parents in All Chat ( Every Round )
wish to see him banned from SoStronk so that people like us dont suffer like this every now and then :slight_smile:

PS -You guys are doing a Great Job! Eagerly waiting for Anticheat!!!
Cheers <3
Best Wishes,

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Awarded griefing ban.

@sANDY3 warning for repeated offense.

@shaan7 i give my appology or this thing but can any admin or staff member can check that demo. that who has started first?

sandy"s frnd this side r u kidding me bro? it more sound like madem madem sandy ne muje mom ki gali di plzz have a look? for what ? r u fuking studding in a school or collage? dude its a online game ppl abuse each other r u out of your mind dude @PNgodxD? nice work sostronk wel played har ek banda abuse karta he sabko cd de do well done this is our indian community @shaan7

ye kya tarikaa he grifing ban ka
online game he gali galoch to hoti rehti he
aise kitne log hai jo kisi na kisi baat pe shuru hote hai,
mana ki koi bina wajh shuru karta hai koi galti se but iska matlab BAN to nahi hota na
koi mandir nai he ye sabko ban kar do

GG noob peoples gali galoch toh normal hai dont be act like a kid hai toh hai tumhara server hai but bacho jese harkate mat karo
sabko ban kar deya wtf gg hai ese rules chutiyapa online game , game samaj ke khelo

i believe that it was a provoked altercation and definitely started by the opposing party and as i usually play with Sandy i can pretty much say for sure that it was the other guy and probably it has become a habit of players to abuse someone and den be a crybaby about it. it is all done in a frustration against him. please look into the matter carefully and do the needful.

arey don’t fight like kids its a small mater. for this banning is not a solution… give him warning… and give him cd

hello ,
i know sandy from a very long time he take csgo very seriously when it comes to playing … i dont this this should a resone to ban someone … hope u understand guys … and if u think he does give him a chance … every one should get a chance … help sandy

Not Fair !! Sandy ne gali diya to samne wale ne bhi diya hoga pehle …n @shaan7 ye kya baat hui abuse kiya to ban. aise to roz kitne log gali dete hai me har ek ko report karunga karoge ban sab gali dene walo ko ???

@CrAzZyShOoTeR hello bro its a Griefing cooldown till tomorrow only, not for a year.
and im 100% sure SSTK dont just ban anyone without checking Demos
and yeah SSTK people can check who started it first lol
i didn’t even responded to his abuses
while we ( @Elite @STING and pa1n where on my TS ) they suggested me not to respond you.

and people who is supporting him comeon guys Whole Community knows sandy is trash talker cum abuser!

I respect SSTK’s Decision! kudos to them :smiley:

The most retard player in this community gets alot of respect and support haha. He deserved this ban even he is banned from D2D for the same reason. Well Done @PNgodxD and Team SSTK.

at least give him warning he is regular player .

R U FUKING KIDDING ME ? R U FUKING OUT OF UR FUKING MIND DUDE? R U HIGH AF? m ban from d2d ? hahahahhahhaha r u insane ? you want matrix to comment in my favour? you want a higer authority of d2d comment in my favour ? i dont want this post to become viral ok and i am not fucking banned frm d2d i was the selected admin of d2d. i am part of sostronk now d2d k server band ho gae the bro. kuch b bina soche samje mat bola karo. and han fuking bola he. fucking nai bola he @shaan7 sir kahi ye na ho ki yaha comment par gali dene k ghunah me muje 24 hrs ka wapas cd mil jae. XDE. aaj meri team k 12 jano me se kisi ne b sostronk par nai khla meri wajhe se. aur avithour sandy itna b bura nai he yar. ye logo ki mentality aisi he chal chod anyways thanks guys for commenting in my favor . love you #besostronk

What i mean was permanent mic mute and chat mute in D2D. And you were selected as admin but didn’t became one due to the toxicity and your stupidity. And when i muted you, you were like usko kahunga usko kahunga kya hua? Kuch nahi. Haha

dude tu he kaun ? teri aukat kya he sstk me aur d2d me? muje kab mute pada aur vo b permanent? bhai kutte ki tatti sungi he kya? ya agra se abhi nikal kar aaya he? kaunsa admin muje mute karega ? aur d2d se meine resign kiya he ja puch matriz sir se aur resn b puch lena kyo? jai sir adharsh he i respect him abhi puch unse ki kyo me khud nikla d2d se aur kiske karan nikla me adminship d2d se. aajate he sale silvers anpad bokne k liye

Dude seriously . its all part of the game . U were equally at fault . and if you cant take it and want to go running to admins when it happens then please dont start it .

u remind me of some1 from school . Teacher Teacher Sandy ne meri mom ki upar gali de hai :smiley:

Tere bap ne, maine khud terko permanent mute diya tha lodu jake puchle jis marzi se. Arena pe jyada bakchodiya kr rha tha tb tere baap ne diya tha terko and teri aukat pta hai mujhe lowde hacker. Chutiya.

hahhahah me hacker hu ? hHHHHHH ty aur tu muje mute karega? tu admin the d2d ka hahahahha saste nashe karke aaya he ye chutiya

Ja puchle Matrix se :smiley: