Got kicked from play pug because of 4 man lobby

Searched for a play pug match for nearly 1hr and after i got the match…i was matched with 4 ppl on team from a single lobby and after 4 rnds they decided to kick me coz they wanted to invite a friend of theirs who didnt make the lobby…is this fair…i really want to subscribe to you guys…but things like this and the misuse of kick feature is really holding me back…

Yup. Just got kicked; same reason and this is like 6th time for me.
And cant even try for another game. GG

The only solution I can think for this is to then not allow a 5th to join and continue the game 4v5, is that okay? Or, a better solution? (without involving bots)

I think your solution works with small modification. After a kick; you should not allow others to join for few mins? May be 6 - 8 Mins. What do you think?


When a team gets formed based on Three or Four man lobby; then disable kick for them?

Same happened to me just now…the play pug feature is so unbalanced…cant play good against stacked players while solo queing and then when you try to play good you can get kicked for selfish reasons by your team mate…plz fix this situation!!