Got kicked from play PUG bcz i didnt plead those 4 not to kick


pug started after a long queue
someone said will call our friend in first 10 seconds.
this AKK guy kicked me.
i mean wth is this??
match link:

atleast after being kicked give us a chance to play on other pug atleast. first we have to wait for the match if someone kicks we have to wait for their match to end.??
i hope admin will look into this.


thank you sostronk for not replying and making me realise its a waste of money and time paying and playing on sostronk.
Thanx @aquitas @vunami.


Hi @infinity,

The last week has been very busy in terms of such reports (we are considering some changes to the kick system in an attempt to reduce this). Admins have already banned a dozen people for kick abuse and I’ll make sure your demo gets reviewed asap as well.


Oh and btw, even if you just post a reminder or a “bump” on the thread it should be good enough. No need to do the “oh thanks for not replying, its a waste of time” and shiz :slight_smile:


@shaan7 another busy week I guess. hmm… that was my last pug BTW. you’ve got your money so don’t bother.thanks again :slight_smile:



We did review your demo early this week but there wasn’t enough in the demo to glean if it was a kick abuse. Given that we got it reviewed by few more of our admins (which is why I couldn’t reply just yet) but still no luck. Hence we cannot take any action yet but we’re making changes to the way vote kicks work to reduce these cases.

Also, we are working on fixing the limitation that you can’t join another PUG if you get kicked from one.


So if i am kicked in first 15 secs after half hour long queue it is not considered as kick abuse?? what will you call it??
so you mean to say that i deserved to be kicked?? was it my mistake??which admin reviewed it?? come on man…
Anyways thanx for everything.


We are unable to review more cases as of now. To prevent abuse, vote kicks have been disabled until further notice.