Got Kicked coz 4 super cool guys needed slots for their 5th?


This is highly irritating that you sit down to play for a bit and u start a game and then get kicked coz ppl wanted slots for the 5th… A polite say so before the game starts can avoid this prblm… I am highly frustrated because of some generous ppl act so pricky… they kicked me in the 3rd round… i mean this is total bull crap and i want some action to be taken against these people… i mean for crying out loud i am also a subscriber… this isnt the way they should be treating other players … looking for a fast resolve of you guys

match link :




Thanks for the report. Allow us some time to review the available information and get back to you.



@sh4z @Pixie If you want to play with friends, create a party and search for a game, do not be a spoilsport.

A griefing ban has been awarded for abusing vote kick. Thanks for the report @Imm0isekildog



Sorry about that, btw where can I report ? I want to report a guy with
alias: taklya_wow He was openly walling in a mirage pug. His teammates told
us, unfortunately none of them were subscribers so they couldn’t kick him.
Im out of town, cant give pug link. Please check taklya_wow’s Mirage pug.



@shaan7 Thanks for the Prompt Reply and help… and I have no issues if u tell me to leave before a game starts … but please avoid kicking after it has begun without a proper reason @Pixie hope u understand :slight_smile: kudos again to sstk support for being so prompt :slight_smile:



We are unable to review more cases as of now. To prevent abuse, vote kicks have been disabled until further notice.