Got Kicked Again and this time unfairly

So i was solo queing i got match and as soon as the match started the other 4 players kicked me…their reason was they needed slot for their 5th…is this fair??? I dnt want to play in sstk any more if this keeps on happening either u guys stop people from solo queing or stop people for lobby queing coz this getting kicks on 1st rnd b4 match even started really makes me mad zz…either u ban the player who did this or i m not playing in sstk any more…now i have to wait for the entire match to get completed to queue again what a waste of time…
Match id:

the other 4 were in lobby queue they kicked me on the very first seconds of the 1st rnd for slot of their 5th…player who voted was Rexy

ofcourse no reply by admin nice

Hi Xpac

Sorry you experienced such a thing.
the .kick feature is there to tackle griefers. Unfortunately, this is being misused by the community members.
We take strict action and give heavy cooldowns to those misusing this feature. We’re developing a change to make sure it is not misused like this, in the mean time, bear with us.
We have given a greifing ban to the party’s involved.

ty admin :slight_smile: atleast you guys take care to reply to everyone…thats why i like sostronk!

2 days back you didn’t seem to like it :stuck_out_tongue:

i was mad back then.i cooldown fast :stuck_out_tongue: