Got Disconnected due to DDOS and cannot reconnect


Got disconnected due to DDOS and was not able to connect to the server and was handed 30 Mins. CD.Please revoke it.




The cooldown is for

I can see there was a DoS for few rounds, after which 6 people got timed out in round 10-6 (by this time the DoS had stopped). While we remove cooldowns that occur solely due to server problems (we’ve removed quite a few last week), it is only done if all 10 players got disconnected indicating a server issue. From the demo, the game continued after 10-6 and the cooldown was handed in 15-6 when players failed to reconnect.


Ok I have an update @JsM @Elite @pashasahil @J0ker @f0RkeNNNN ,

Our team reviewed the demo and though it looks like the server had recovered from the DoS in the later rounds, we’d like to give you guys the benefit of doubt and have canceled the cooldowns.

Happy fragging!


We were trying to reconnect to the server but was not connecting idk why.