Got cooldown when I left before match starting


I joined a pug, only 6 players had joined. I readied up then left… The match didn’t even start. I got a cooldown. Please fix this. 30mins cooldown, but I don’t want it to be stacked.


Can you spot the PUG on our system where this happened? You can probably start by looking at the profile page of any other player in that PUG.


Hi @Muramasa we found this from the server’s logs-

"manishafk<13><STEAM_1:1:169001821><TERRORIST>" say ".r"
World triggered \"Match_Start\" on \"de_cache\""
"Muramasa<4><STEAM_1:1:2643260><TERRORIST>" disconnected (reason "Muramasa timed out")

Essentially, you got timed out just after the 10th guy (manishafk in this case) typed .r and the match started. Seeing that it was actually a timed out, it might have happened because you lost Internet/csgo crashed etc. (A timeout takes a minute or so to take effect, by which time the other 4 people had joined)