Got cooldown for using PLAY option, could not connect: You need to be a member of lobby


I was a member of the aforementioned lobby, my lobby members connected but I got the following error:

                  You need to be a member of a lobby to join this server.

I tried to connect at least 10 times but kept getting the same error.

Please revert my cooldown as this is due to no fault of mine.

I’ll be happy to supply any further info if needed.




What Steam account were you using with CS:GO when trying to connect?

Also, is the error you pasted the exact error you got? I’m asking because our error message usually reads-
You don't belong to this lobby. Create your own using the SoStronk app



Yeah, that’s the message.

I did not paste the exact message.

I was using the following account associated with my sostronk account:



Hmm. The server logs don’t have any record of that Steam ID attempting to join. However @haz has reported the same problem with exactly the same server as you. He pasted this output-

Connecting to public( ...
Server using 'public' lobbies, requiring pw no, lobby id ffffffffffffffff
Valve_Reject_Connect_From_Lobby" ```

The same for even his Steam ID, the server logs don't have any attempts to connect. (the Lobby in the logs above are not related to our Play Party system). The only Steam accounts that were not in the Party and attempted to connect were MamBa, kp_kp and SwAGGY who were then kicked.


haz was in the lobby with me.

I forgot to copy the console logs. :frowning: