Got banned wrongfully for not connecting to the server

So everythings good, took 15 min to find a game, found one chennai server. Got the ip, copied it. ***

Try to connect to server it says this server can only be connected through via lobby

*** and kept on dcing me within 5 seconds tried to restart sstk for a new ip or someth but the same ip this problem kept on happening, wouldnt have made a post if this was a client side issue, but for sure this wasnt. Pls revoke this ban since i usually only play at this time.


I don’t see a ban on your account, perhaps you meant a cooldown.

The You may only connect to this server from a lobby is quite a common error from CSGO (it is not from the SoStronk servers) and a Steam+CSGO restart will usually fix it.

If it was a server issue, all 10 players would’ve failed to connect, in which case there are no cooldowns given.

Fair enough, i accept whatever youve said. But what if i have to abandon a pug next time cause of someth dire the next time will be a 10 hour ban or something along the lines of that instead of a 2 hour ban. Can that not be avoided on my part.

While I understand it will be a better experience for you, we generally don’t reduce cooldown levels manually because that creates a flood of players asking for the same thing. If you don’t have a cooldown for the next 7 days, your level will automatically reset to 30 mins.