Got banned from live match

Guys what is this? How your greifing ban system works? I got banned in live match for greifing… I am a regular subscriber and if I get an unfair ban like this… I will never play on sostronk ever… I agree that m not a pro player but atleast you guys should understand the difference between griefing and low level game… Just bcuz on couple of reports you guys banned me… I meam what is this… Thats my game level… Atleast spec the game before banning someone.

See Griefing ban due to unfair reports

I am asking what is the solution to the low level players like me? I cannot match their game level with my game level, so I get reported… What to do ?

I am still waiting for your reply… Can your briefing ban system identity the difference between Griever and low level/rank player(eg gn1) which is my rank… Is it so that low level players cannot play on sostronk?