Got Banned For the @nd Time for False Reports

Got Banned for False Reports 2nd Time… Do You Admins Even Check The Demos? or You Just Ban people for the reports? This Is Bullshit… Check My Demos And Ban Me If u think i’m Hacking… why do u ban unnecessarily?
i was on the top in the free leader board section … now i lost it again … wtf … all my matches got disqualified … please recheck …

Damn must be an achievement from getting banned falsely on SoStronk you must be a god!

Admins Chutiye Laude Hai Na… Dont Know The Difference Between Whos Hacking Or Not… Thats why Sostronk will never grow because of the chutiya indian public and admins

Arre Bhai chill kar, Admin ko demo dekhne ko bol, aysi hi ban nahi karenge wo log

English translation

Chill out brother, tell the Admins to see the demo they won’t ban you without a certain cause

Thats why i posted for support … till now no reply from anyone… gg admins

i want to know the reason why i got banned? wtf please check my demos again and judge… dont just banned players unnecessarily

I didn’t check the demos but you sure did have an insane amount of kills which I honestly consider formidable, also you got reported a shite ton of times you can see the amount of reports you got in the hall of shame area

Let be real for a minute. You were hacking. How well you hid it or not, my friends and I noticed it.
Reported to admins, they reviewed, banned. Simple. Now stop flooding the support page with your pleas for help when you’re clearly cheating.

side note: you even put that you’re a ‘legit hacker’ in your profile? what that supposed to mean? that you use regular settings, no rage? lol