Got Banned for no good reason Please Review my Case

HACKING CAUGHT walling blatantly
Suspected Waller user id :-

So this was my recent pug and he was walling on my opponent team exactly and even my team mates were walling i think so maybe as they were calling out some position of the opponent team which were expected as game sense in my opinion and this is my user id :- aXecoXrpse

And I m not even in the following suspect list how AM I BANNED ? FOR NOT HACKING EVEN

I have reviewed my case on my self and I can elloborate each and every shot I hit in that pug as I know what i was thinking at the point of time so if wanted I LL even do that

I want my case to be reviewed asap as i am a regular sostronk player and a clean player so far in cs.



Ethical hacker by profession?