Got an unnecessary BAN


Found a match, got server IP but couldnt connect to the server… added +clientport 27015/27016/27017, but got unnecessary cooldown of 3 days.

My sostronk id : f0RKeNNNN


@shaan7 : Hey, you can ask @Nemz regarding the issue. We had a match against Jingbang and same issue occured which Nemz resolved it later on.


Hi @f0RkeNNNN,

For yesterday’s match, 4 members from your team were having network connectivity problems to one of our servers (I guess you were playing from the same cafe). While for official matches this is taken as a special case and the server was moved to another IP which your ISP could connect - we don’t remove cooldowns when that happens for a PUG.

The only time cooldowns are cancelled are (automatically) if no one was able to join the server, indicating a server-side problem.