Got a cooldown for no reason


I and all my teammates got cooldown becoz we were unable to connect to the server as the ip was unable to connect us to the server “connect” was the ip and I got a cooldown of 24 hrs for no reason help admin sostronk support


I was on his team and got the cd as well


Meko bhi laga 12 hrs ka :joy: Kira Here


Its so nice from sostronk support that they don’t even care to reply for the post even on geniune topic in which it was a serves fault that I got a 24hrs cooldown



Please note that cooldowns can only be canceled if it was a server side issue (when all 10 players will be unable to connect). Client side/network issues which cause CS:GO to fail connecting to the server are not grounds to cancel cooldowns.
A common solution to this CS:GO bug is to try changing clientport, see-


i guess all of us were unable to connect and got a cd


im sure and it wasnt saying like retrying it was error like change ui something error


Not all. There were 6 players in the server, and 4 didn’t connect and got cooldowns. If it was stuck at retrying then try changing your clientport as described in the Steam support link I pasted above.