Got a cooldown because of steam being offline


Hello Sostronk Support,

I was playing a pug today and as usual my internet decided to act up, which is a daily phenomena for me. It happens almost everyday. I got disconnected from the server, checked that my internet was down( by checking the ping reply from google dns in the command prompt window, which was showing request timed out). After a minute my internet is back and I had still 4 mins left till i got a cooldown, however i could not connect back to the server since steam was offline. I check and it showed that csgo sessions were currently down, so basically I had to wait for the remaining 4 mins and finally got a cooldown for 3 days. I did restart steam when there was a minute left to connect back, but it showed “Could not connect to the Steam network” which is obvious if steam is down.

I personally never had a cooldown lifted, since everytime I had a cooldown was because of my internet and I am fine with that since its a problem on my side. However this time it is not all my fault and I would not be bothered if the cooldown was for a few hours but a 3 days cooldown really saddened me, since I do not play valve matchmaking at all and neither faceit due to ping issues. Is it possible to lift a cooldown? If yes please do so.




RIP no reply : :o:



Still no reply lol