Got a 7 day cooldown cuz of a bug

got a match and accepted it but then it got cancelled so searched again and got a game and tried to join but then it showed i had a pending cooldown and had to join the server in 1.5 mins so i tried to get the ip but it just showed connect and no ip was displayed. so as the countdown timer expired i got a 7 day cooldown


Cooldown revoked.

thanks a lot @shaan7

While we make stuff more robust, some tips for next time to check if the server actually got created -

  • Look for (PLAY) games on the server browser that have just started
  • Also, when the “connect” thing is blank, refresh the sv browser and try showing the connect dialog from the cooldown warning again.

@shaan7 again got a 7 day cooldown andthis time i did try the above steps and tried to join the play server still couldnot connect it said you dont belong to this lobby

Had you got the Join button when you first searched?

no i din the worst case is i was searching in a lobby they also din get the connect option but they joined by refreshing the app and joining the play server but did not communicate with me so i thought even they din get it

Oh, I saw there are 7 people in the server, 3 of you didn’t join (one was @Excali).

I have removed the cooldown, however something for next time, whenever this happens if possible please copy the Play party ID displayed on the top-left corner. It helps me in finding what exactly went wrong.

are you talking about that 16 digit number on the left ?

Yes, that.