Got 3 Days Cooldown on SoStronk PLAY after Server got shut down cuz 3 players didnt connect



So I joined PLAY server… 3 players at the end failed to connect to the server. And the message “Server shutting down” pops up. Then on app it was showing me you have 3 mins to reconnect to that game server, when i tried to get server ip… it showed nothing but a “connect” in dialogue box. Usually it shows "connect ". And I got 3 days cooldown.

Just for verification purpose if u need it… It’s here. … I left last game because I had team practice and got 12 hours cooldown… cool with it. Didnt play any pugs later still have cooldown right now.

And 1 more bug… the time i got cooldown it showed me 24 hours cooldown… Later on after an hour it started showing me cooldown for 3 Days. Please have a look. Ty


That can happen if you did not wait for the full 4 minutes for all the 10 players to join. Players who are not there at the 4 minute mark are awarded a cooldown (even if you have connected once but later disconnected)


Try refreshing the server browser when that happens, it should fix it.

As for your cooldown, we’ll reduce it to 24 hours if it was indeed a bug.


I waited for full time. I got disconnected after it showed Lost connection to server i.e after 5 mins of waiting :frowning:
Same thing happend with kew1n, i asked him whether he got cooldown the same way. Yes it was the same way I got. But he got it for 30 mins and I got it for 3 days ( Now 12 Hours ). But it must be a bug.


Hmm we will investigate, thanks for the report.