Got 2 hour cd pls help

i was not able to join the sever i dont know why…i was not able to join the server,it was loading and getting disconnected pls help guys
i even tried on discord but no one helps…

this was my first cd just because i was not getting connected to server…the loading screen got stuck and then didnt load
1st cd of 2 hour yikes!

It wasn’t your first cooldown. First cooldown will be 30 mins, then 2 hours, followed by 12 and 24 hours.

bro iam getting disconnected from the server…its not connecting…only the loading screen appears and then it disconnects.
It happens for few servers only…pls remove my cd

If it is the server that is kicking you, check the console for a kick message.

That won’t fix your real problem. We don’t remove cooldowns unless it is a server issue (which will impact all 10 players).

dude its a server issue:roll_eyes: iam just trying to play…but some of the servers didnt allow me to connect…or disconnects automatically in between match

Then why are other players not affected?

god knows :wink: successfully wasted 2 days thanks :wink:

I understand your response as a user, I’m not really asking you for an answer. What I meant to imply with the question was that removing your CD will not solve anything. You have yourself said that it keeps on happening.

I said it does not dissconnect me on all the servers but on some of them…are u asking me not to play again?xd
i have bought the sub to play friend!