Got 1 day cooldown due to bug in sostronk


today at 11:15 i queued up for playpug…accepted a match all players accepted and didnt get server and went on reque automatically…then there was only 5 in queue so i stoped queing and went to have dinner…came back from dinner and i saw i got 1 day cooldown…helpppp…

Still no option to change size of the app

Thanks for the report, cooldown reverted.


Ty shann7 my fav admin <3 <3


@shaan7 i got 7 day cooldown because of the same problem just now
when i tried to get the ip from the cooldown countdown it just showd connect and no ip


Following up at Got a 7 day cooldown cuz of a bug


Hey i also got the cooldown the same way, but it was a 30minute cd so it didnt bother me, now lets say if this happens again to me or due to some known reasons i dont join a game or leave a game, ill get the 2 hr cd because of repeated game leaves(first one was due to the bug) so can you reset my cooldown times, so that i only get a 30 minute cd(if in case) instead of a 2 hr one, i might sound confusing but i dont know how to say this clearly :confused: