Gold Leaderboard to Silver Leaderboard


2 months back I was in the free leaderboard but I was in the top 25% of the players so I was transferred in the silver leaderboard. The next month ( may ) I was in top 10% players of silver leaderboard. I was moved to GOLD Leader board but yesterday I got a notification that my subscription is over . Now I am in the FREE LEADERBOARD again ? . I guess silver and gold users are getting free subscription everymonth . But this didn’t happened with me this month.

Can you please have a look @shaan7 @akS

@shaan7 I am hoping for a revert.
Is there any turn around time for closure of the tickets??

@THUNDERBOY Silver and Gold leaderboards are exclusive for subscribers. However, we giveaway a single month Subscription free to winning Free Leaderboards. If you want to extend that, you will need to renew.