Gold leaderboard issue

this is the current gold leaderboard. here we can see that some players played only one match and in that one he got an ir of 1.98 and he stopped playin after that. .
the more pugs u play, the chance of u gettin low ir increases and u go down the ladder.

my question is, if that guy doesnt play any more pugs, wil he be still sittin on top ? and recieve the prize ?
because its really not fair


You need to play a minimum of 30 PLAY PUGs (Matchmaking) in a month to be eligible to be placed on the Leaderboard.
Your top 30 Impact Ratings of the month decide your placement on the leaderboard.
If you have played 30+ Matchmaking PLAY games in a month, your best 30 games will be only considered. So keep trying, bring that average up!

please read up.

Yea bgnb noob read the clearly states minimum 30 pugs and if u play more pugs the best ir out of ur 30 will be counted!!