GO button in beta pugs not working at all

Unable to even search for games. Please help!

its fixed and we get matches bro … its takes awhile but half the time it used to take in thepast

@JamesbonG the Go button do anything at all?

it’s searching now. But when i’m in a lobby with friends, we hardly find a match. Also, when more than 2 players join my lobby, it doesn’t even search. Don’t know if its because 2 of my teammates are from riyadh and if that’s an issue in finding a suitable server although they have reasonable pings on bangalore!

By that you mean the Go button is unresponsive or that it searches but you don’t find a match?

it’s unresponsive when more than 3 people join the lobby.

Can you confirm if its still happening with today’s update? Also, does it always be unresponsive with >3 players or sometimes?

it’s fine bro. And we can search in multiple man lobby as well. Thanks!

We’d still like to fix the issue. It’ll be nice if the next time you have enough people just test it out once, much thanks!

lol what I actually meant was we’re able to find matches now and the button is working properly now. :slight_smile:

ah cool (although I’m curious how it fixed itself lol)