Getting into casting csgo


Currently there aren’t many casters from Asia in csgo , casting asian csgo matches . there are a few such as SoStronk’s current casters that are quite enjoyable to listen to . Credits to Bleh and Aqeuitas . Anyway , i wanted to actually get into the casting scene and cast some CS and expand the pool of talent in Asia (particularly South East Asia) . I have actually done some fun casting in the past for some very small fun tourneys with my friends but i actually want to get into casting counter strike properly now . I’ve watched pretty much every single big lan since Esl One Cologne last year and have been following CSGO’s esports scene for just over 2 years. So what do you guys thing a person needs to do to get into casting CS and expanding the asian scene?

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I too want to start casting. Msg the SoStronk team to see if you could cast one of the tournaments


Hey Hornet,

One of the devs bought this to my attention.

Casting is much more than just blabbering about the game. But blabbering about the game intellegently and coherent is the most important core skill you need to have.

I would highly recommend ReDeYe’s guide to broadcasting as a place to start of. It’s a nice small read on some important aspects to broadcasting.

Secondly, cast a lot. Whatever games you can find. Could be 2 teams just scrimming on SoStronk, could be some random ESEA Open game, hell it could be a demo of a pro game you downloaded.

Create VODs your casts and keep analysing what you could do better. NEVER try and be someone else in your cast, just be yourself. Look for criticism of your VODs from other casters or contemporaries rather than your friends or random people who can’t give objective criticism.

Get better at it, and once you’re decently satisfied with your work, approach smaller tourneys with offers to cast. I’m sure they’ll not say no. There is no shortcut, you just have to slog your ass off studying teams, their playstyle, your casting style, etc.

There’s too many things to get into in this post, but I hope this helped. Any specific questions you have just post it here, and I’d be happy to answer them.


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Thanks bleh for the guide,
I was really wondering how does the camera so smoothly just wander around at spawn sometimes. While watching ESL or other majors / minors i notice that the camera upon the buy time just smoothes out , roams around the spawn and it looks so beautiful , how does that happen?