Game closing. Says connect anti cheat

I am facing two issues, despite odin being on I get disconnected from the game telling me that you need to turn on the anti cheat.

Second some files don’t match and I get DC.

I have gotten 2 cool downs because of this, the latest one being 24 hours.

Can you suggest a fix?
Also will be grateful if you could reset my cooldowns.



Verifying game files should be the first thing you’ve to try. Please do check if you’ve installed anything else that interferes with CSGO.

Didint help.
You can see my recent matches where my score goes -2 cause of the game closing again and again.
Kindly revoke my cooldowns.

Anti-Cheat is on despite that game gets DC.
I have nothing on my PC, it was working fine 2 weeks ago but recently IDK why this is happening on a regular basis. I have re-installed cs go and sstk app but I have a cool down.

When you see “Anticheat is running” in SoStronk settings, do you see a SoStronk Odin Idle/SoStronk Odin Protected on the top-right side inside CS:GO?

Verify your game files, this is more of a general CS:GO thing than SoStronk.