Framming and mouse sudden acceleration

Hi, after this akros anticheat update. My csgo is having little framming and sudden mouse acceleration. if i close sostronk app csgo runs fine.
Pls help asap

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Same issue. Bro, dont lnow what to do. Playing mm for the time being

@sp3ct4cK This issue predominantly is with users who use raw_input 0. If you are not using that setting let me know.

If you are, we unfortunately cannot focus on this issue RIGHT NOW since less than 5 people have reported this issue (there maybe more). We will be happy to issue you a refund till this issue is fixed.


thanks for the reply. hope you solve it soon

Not many people have reported this issue because like me, many people start Steam and SoStronk client together, so they assume that this issue is of CSGO.
I myself just came to know that Akros is causing this side effect.
I even updated my mouse’s firmware in order to debug the issue and never suspected that Akros is causing the issue. Please fix it soon.

@anX1 @sp3ct4cK @CrYciS The mouse issue seems to be fixed in the new update. Can you guys test and confirm.

it is fixed. thanks.