Finish the match, if there are not enough players on the server or on one team


Its annoying, if there are not enough players on one team and the rest of the players still have to be on the server and play the match forcefully just to avoid the cool-down. Gets even bitter when there are not enough players online to replace the disconnected players after they get a cool-down.

The match can be finished in some of the examples below, you can brain storm some more add some more too :smile:

  1. If a team has less than 3 players; 2 players in a team.
  2. If total no. of players on the server is below 7; 6 players in total.

Above are the only scenarios i could come up with at this moment, would add more if I could imagine more scenarios.



A potential .abandon (which both the teams have to agree on) could be a fix for this problem. @shaan7 @poWar @bleh @Aequitas


We are working on a surrender feature after a set number of rounds (similar to MM) that will fix this issue. It gives the opportunity for self-moderation and forfeit matches.


But would that be the same as a .abandon which both teams have to agree to


I guess surrender and abandon both have a different meaning and should server different purposes.

In this case Abandon/Cancel Match should be the command used to just Cancel the match.

Surrender would be more apt when you are up with Lobby and Statistic features (guessing the future :smiley:) and one lobby want to surrender.


Thats what I was thinking