Few words of appreciation

Hello Team SoStronk,

@shaan7, @akS, @bleh @Petrichor

I am posting this not to report an issue nor a hacking activity by some player. I just want to appreciate all the hard work you guys are doing in keeping the community clean and platform smooth for the game play. Be it a review for a hacking accusation, Sostronk App issues, Malicious activity or delivering goods you guys are doing it 24x7 and its really commendable. The one that makes this platform superb against MM server is you guys.

I really wish to see this platform grow and do wonders in future. Best of luck, Keep up the good work as always.

Thank You

Thank you. It’s nice to know that some of you like and appreciate what we try and do.

Cheers! And a cringey #BeStronk

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Oh, and, thanks for the sub :hugs:

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Thanks to SoStronk for Ping Limiter :slight_smile: , Subs equals Mumbai servers equals GG.

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Aww thanks whore house

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