Feedback regarding sostronk


Feedback time
Please add an option to manually abandon a game, so that if a guy manually abandons the game the team wont have to play 4v5 until he joins back which is not going to happen.Thereby saving some rounds for the team and helping new player to join the live game.
Please fix that scoreboard bug where if you fail once while connecting to a server, and the next time you connect then the scoreboard disappears(although changing reso fixes it, but i am a lazy fuck ) so if it can be fixed then please grin emoticon
Please make a simple change in UI, and allow the timeleft for a disconnected player to join to be shown in the app itself, as it will help the players who wants to join that live pug , doesnt try and reconnect just to know how much time is left, alternative to this will be just to write
"SLOT Available" in server status in the app itself, after the disconnected player abandons the game.
You can also use that steam group announcement method like the warlords pug system use, which manually sends a steam announcement whenever a pug needs players.
If there are just 2 players left on a team in a live pug, then the pug should automatically be abandoned. What happens is when 3 players on a team leave a live pug, it is just not worth it for 2 players to play 2v5 the whole game, so as soon as there are just 2 players left in a time in a live pug then that pug should automatically be abandoned, what the current situation is everyone has to disconnect inorder to abandon the pug, which results in those 2 players getting a cooldown which in theory should not get since they never wanted to leave a pug, but they did because 2v5 isnt worth it.


Hey JLT, thanks for the feedback!

For manually abandoning the game, it’s a good idea. We will be implementing it down the line, although at the moment certain other features take priority.

The scoreboard bug is a bug which has been in the game for a while, even before SoStronk existed. It’s smething which we are aware of, but is very hard to find a solution for since it’s a CS:GO bug not a SSTK one.

Th UI Change will definitely be implemented wrt whether a server has a slot available or is waiting for disconnected player. This should come out soonish, and will be shown on the app itself.

The last one is also a very valid point, and something we will be working on. However with our upcoming stacked cooldown feature, we feel players leaving a live game will be reduced a lot. But yes, we are aware of this scenario and have it on our queue.

Thanks for all the feedback, all very valid points which we are seriously considering; but we have to prioritize certain things depending on our internal timeline, but rest assured we are aware of all these issues. Do keep posting any other thoughts you have here, it does help us have a better understanding of what our users want!



This is my daily home, i play here most of the time, scrimming pugging all day.Its my duty to provide you some feedback from my point of view, so yeah always happy to be of some use.