Facing micro shuttering and 1-2 seconds lag in pug and scrim.. In every servers

Getting lags in between rounds for 1-2 seconds

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Can you measure if this happens at regular intervals? (Use a stopwatch app on your phone, ideally).
Also, does it happen only on SoStronk servers?

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I didnt measure but i get 7-10 times in one pug.

It only happens on Sostronk servers.


Hmm, indeed there isn’t a solid pattern. One thing I noticed is that you mentioned this happens on Scrim servers as well, which means I can rule out an Anticheat issue (it is not enforced on Scrims).
So, back to the stuttering, when it happens does the entire csgo.exe get stuck (so you cant open console, netgraph wont update) or does the game world get stuck (so the game itself will respond, console opens up, netgraph updates). If it is the latter, that would mean a network issue that you can probably diagnose using High ping? Loss? Find out where the problem is