Experiencing high ping on Sostronk Servers



For a few minutes I was not able connect and after this ‘46a0b19’ update getting high ping on all servers.

Screenshot :


My Net speed test



The update only has visual changes, it does not affect the pings in any way. Going by the fact that you had even lost connectivity to the servers (For a few minutes I was not able connect), maybe your ISP is doing some maintenance and temporarily some routing is misconfigured.

What ping do you get if you join one of the DM servers?
Can you put a screenshot with the all SoStronk locations pings open? (move your mouse to the ping displayed on top-right of the app)


I usually get 30-40 ms on Mumbai servers and 50-60 ms on blore servers but now…


Thats quite some network trouble you got there. You can either wait for your ISP to fix it or if you want to diagnose further you can use traceroute or WinMTR to find out exactly whats wrong with the routing to a particular server ip.


I think i can only wait for now. Thnx anyways :slight_smile: