Everytime App crashes


Hi, As soon as I open the app it shows connecting and then displays a message “SoStronk has stopped working”. I tried all possible ways but app doesn’t show up.


I have a zip file of logs, emailed to support@sostronk.com


Hi Batman,

If it says “SoStronk has stopped working”, then unfortunately the app logs won’t help. You need to ask Alfred to enable crash dump reporting, download and run the registry file from http://dl.sostronk.com/usermode_dumps.reg . Once that is done, run the app and when it crashes Windows will create crash dump files in C:\Dump (you might need to create that folder)


Hi Farhan,

Thanks a lot for sending the logs, we have pushed an update today with a possible fix. Because your app crashes it might not be able to update, try reinstalling and you should get the new version.

If it still crashes, follow the above to send us a crash dump.