Events stopped?


Are there any events scheduled in the pipe hole? It’s been time since last event happened,subscription is a waste if you don’t have any events for paid subscribers.


Well, we do have a load of other features for Subscribers, it’s not only for events. That being said, the next batch of events are coming out very soon.


And why is the Kick feature disabled?
You can’t change a feature of something that is part of a paid subscription in the middle and name it as “temporarily”.I purchased the subscription because it help you to kick trollers, griefers, hacker in game

It’s illegal IMO.


Hi @sy7k_astrix,

Kick has been temporarily* disabled because it was being abused more than used for constructive reasons. We will be enabling it back once we have have made some modifications to it so that there is less abuse. Being able to call out a .kick is not the only thing on the subscription plan, however if that is the only feature you’d require as part of the plan, I’d suggest you wait for an official announcement when we bring back .kick before renewing your subscription for the next month.

* yes, its a valid word.



BTW after new update I am getting stuck on sostronk screen ,nothing is responsive after this


Did this happen immediately when you start the app? I had a similar report which happens if you try searching for PUG, and go to the DM screen before you find a match. That is something I have fixed and an update is scheduled for tomorrow.