ESL India Premiership High Ping Issue


Dear Concern,

It is extremely disappointing that both Mumbai and Banglaore servers has high ping issues. We are a team from Bangladesh and it is not at all possible to play at 150+ ping against a team with 5ping. We were practing in the afternoon when we all had disconnections at the same time and the ping spiked from 200 to 45. We thought may be it got fixed, but it went all back to its position after an hour so.

I believe we do not have routing issues as we all get constant 65 ping at Singapore servers.

Therefore, it is a humble request to the Sostronk admins to extend the bandwidth of the indian servers so that we can play will atleast with a playable ping. our match is expected to start at 7pm IST.

Rifat Rahman
Synergist Gaming


Hi Rifat,

Just because your routing is good to one location doesn’t mean it will be good for some other. ISPs have different routings depending on their contracts/connections with other ISPs, on a whole its quite complex. (For example, my Airtel Fiber at home gives me better ping to Mumbai than Bangalore, while I live in Bangalore).

After verifying that your upload speed is at least 1Mbps (use, I have listed few ways by which you can find out why exactly you have high ping High ping? Loss? Find out where the problem is

SoStronk Indian servers have 100Mbps+ burstable bandwidth (not like it matters when it comes to latency/ping)