Esl Gaming Tournament INDIA Team List


I got the Following mail from ESL

Hello all participants of “ESL India Premiership 2016 CS:GO Starter #6”!

Reminder to all the teams participating in Starter Cup#6.

The whole cup will be held on SoStronk app using Mumbai/Bangalore Servers.

Check if your team is listed here -

IF NOT, Your captain is requested to make a team on Sostronk using this guide :

Once Done, send us an email with your “SoStronk Team Link” at

You’ll be needing the SoStronk client to play in this entire tournament.
Keep checking your emails for Schedule Related Information once the Cup has begun.
I tried to send my sostronk team link to the above mentioned email id …but its getting failed.
Please help out.
Our Team Name is CARBINE


Your team has been added to the tournament. So dont worry about it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help .