Error pls help.. in installing

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[2020-03-21 21:03:09.521] [logger] [error] ***** Something went wrong, please contact *****
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[2020-03-21 21:03:09.521] [logger] [error] ***** ERROR CODE 2 *****
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[2020-03-21 21:03:09.521] [logger] [error] *********************************************************************

what to do i cant install sostronk. i deleted sostronkodinDrivertest.sys coz there was problem in uninstalling. i tried to delete sostronk from everywhere in my pc but i couldn’t coz it was saying. Sosronk is open in some file or something. Pls help how to fully delete sostronk and install again. This issue happen when i restarted my computer and then started sostronk. But when i started sostronk there was an anticheat issue. Where it said restart pc or sostronk. I did that but it was still now worling so I triend to uninstall sostronk and reinstall but all this happened… and so help pls.


Your installer is trying to install our old Anticheat (Odin) which doesn’t exist anymore. Somehow you have an old installer. Please download a fresh installer from and that should work.