Email adress not verified PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP PLEASE


While registering alias " Ripen " I entered the Email as " " But i have not recieved any verification email or such PLEASE PLEASE HELP beg of u please

STeam id link -


Hi, your email address associated with Ripen is different, it looks like sa*** This is the email address where the verification mail would’ve come. If you can’t access this email, add as a steam friend and I can disconnect it from Ripen.


omg so sorry i think i entred the wrng email. my email is
and i have added u please accept and do it asap




Still no email is comming for verification at


Please change everything alias 'Ripen" to “Ripe” and email is
Please help i have to play at so strng plsssssss


I haven’t changed alias or email. I have disconnected steamid from the wrong account.
Now you should register a new account and connect your steamid to it.


but i want that alias :confused:


shaan add me too , have not recieved any verification email yet , i cant login my sostronk .
my steam id is HrishiG


I have replied to your other post (now converted to a private message)