EasyAntiCheat Installed but service failed


Here is what i am getting.

Please help.



Thanks for the report, We are looking into it.



According to http://faq.easyanticheat.net/content/6/4/en/error-start-service-failed.html the error code in your report (31) means-


This error appears when the system is unable to load any kernel-mode
driver. This would indicate a system level corruption, which
unfortunately is most often irreversible without re-installing Windows.
Possible causes are a rootkit virus infecting the system, blocking any
other non-boot-time driver to be loaded, or a corrupted old anti-virus
installation that failed to uninstall cleanly. In either case, we
strongly recommend you to reinstall Windows.

EAC Error Getting kicked

Why not first try disabling your AntiVirus and see if it fixes stuff? If it does, we’ll report it to EAC and they can take it up with that particular AntiVirus company.


Not using any antivirus lol :confused:


Well then looks like that ^




he can try disabling the WINDOWS DEFENDER…
it is known to be to shit…
might be taking EAC as false positive ?


Yes try that, tbh you understand your system better :stuck_out_tongue:


There is a problem with the recent update of Sostronk in windows xp. After updating i could not open the Sostronk App which is showing a message showing: Entry Point Not Found…


Hi @Badshah1 this happens because we don’t really support SoStronk on XP as Microsoft has discontinued it.
However, I’ve found a workaround which I’ll be pushing tomorrow morning as an update.


Did you push the update already? otherwise, can you please let me know after doing so?


Yes @Badshah1 I have pushed the update. However, if you are on WinXP for this time you’ll have to uninstall SoStronk and install the fresh one again.


Thank you very much… I got the update. It is 100% working.