EAC PROBLEM cant join always been kick.already update the apps


i dont know whats wrong, when im joining ther server, it keep kick me…any way to solve this?


Can you tell us what is the kick message that you get?


it says u have been kick from this session server…i just about to start…around 6-7 second in the game then been kick…any issue from this i already update


If its few seconds after being in-game its likely to be an EasyAntiCheat kick. Do you see any messages about EasyAntiCheat when the app starts?


no.when i start it just keep startwhat u mean by any message?


When SoStronk starts you should see something like this EAC


yeah i think so…whats that mean?my computer got virus?or my eac dont install properly?


Thats not good enough, you need to make sure its exactly that message (which means all is fine), or does it show an error. If you’re not able to figure out then download our logs reporter from http://dl.sostronk.com/SoStronkLogs.exe . It will create a zip file on your desktop, please send it to support@sostronk.com


yes it is.confirm…so is it have any problem with my laptopor maybe virus?not install properly?


No, that message just means that SoStronk was able to load EasyAntiCheat successfully. In that case you should not get kicked. Can you do the logs stuff I mentioned above ^ ?




Hmm I looked at the logs, nothing seems to be wrong, EasyAntiCheat is able to load successfully. Few other folks like @blackhawk @haku had the same weirdness of successfully loaded EAC but still getting kicked. Maybe they can share what they did to fix it.


hmm this weird…how can i find thee guy?i stil new here n not really know lot of this…can u please help me?thank u :slight_smile: