EAC Issue Megathread


With a number of users having issues with the new EAC update, there have been many separate threads and posts made on the topic. This thread is for users to post on any EAC related bugs, and to collect all the feedback in one thread instead of a 100 different ones which tend to clutter up the forum.

The Devs will be primarily looking at this megathread and as such it would be best if you refrain from making other EAC bug posts and detail your issues here instead.

Some useful links where you can find troubleshooting information-

Error: Start Service Failed

For this one see http://faq.easyanticheat.net/content/6/4/en/error-start-service-failed.html
People have also reported https://www.malwarebytes.org/antirootkit/ to be useful

Easy cheat server not running
Eac disconnect bug
EAC and OBS doesn't work together


Even with the Anti-Cheat hooking enabled, EAC blocks OBS’ hook and we get a black screen while trying to stream with the SoStronk app open.


Doesn’t work with XSplit either.

If any of you care, i.e.

Issue is the same for Venom, Me and probably others.

It works when using the standalone EasyAntiCheat from the Steam store, FYI.
So it’s a problem with the SSTK Implementation.
@shaan7 @powar @akS


This is new information. Which server were you trying the Steam EAC with? EAC has both a client/server component and doesn’t activate if you are not on a EAC enabled game server.


It works for me on OBS w/ CSGO. Tested on a SoStronk PUG server where EAC is enabled server side (and client side via app).

OBS version 0.657b - 64bit
Capture mode - game capture
Anti-cheat compatibility flag hooking enabled - doesn’t work if unchecked.
Works with csgo in windowed mode and fullscreen mode



Since today I am getting kicked after ~20 seconds of joining a PUG.I tried joining the server via the connect button in the app and by ip copy paste method,but I keep getting :
Disconnect: Kicked by Console : “[EAC] Download the app from sostronk.com/app to play on this server!”.
Disconnect: Kicked by Console : “[EAC] Download the app from sostronk.com/app to play on this server!”. http://prntscr.com/awyq31
This happened with 3 more guys on the server and I just decided to leave.


Thanks for reporting this. Is you app able to successfully launch EasyAntiCheat? It usually shows a notification in the systemtray saying “EasyAntiCheat successfully initialized”


It looks like this


I checked it when I was kicked, it was running


EasyAntiCheat might report a running status even when it errors out, its important that you check for the message when the app starts. Or, you can press “STOP” above, press “START” (wait for few seconds) and see what message it gives you.


I tried that, it is successfully initialized. Now I’m facing this …

CS:GO isn’t even running, and neither is steam


I tried logging in sostronk from my other account, here goes…


SoStronk gets the running programs list from Windows and checks if it contains csgo.exe, and if it does that message comes up. Can you confirm from task manager (use show processes for all users) that csgo.exe is not present?

If task manager doesn’t show csgo.exe, can you open cmd run this command and paste its output-

wmic.exe /OUTPUT:STDOUT PROCESS get Caption

(run cmd as administrator)


same thing happen with me and got cool down :confused: solution please


@Kick4ss shows you the “please quit CS:GO before starting SoStronk”? Then read what I posted above ^


Getting the exact same issue, my friends and I started a 5v5 lobby then after few seconds when I joined the server (5-10 seconds) I get kicked because It says that I didn’t install EAC wtf? how did I open csgo while sostronk running then? bug </3


same thing happened with me… please get rid of this eac system… im missing out on important warmup scrims! cant play on sstk at all


Please see this thread for some troubleshooting links EAC Issue Megathread

If you’re getting the message “Please quit CS:GO” even though its not running, please send an email to support@sostronk.com so that one of us can troubleshoot it with you. For any EAC related errors, please follow their FAQ which is there in the above forum thread.

@KLUE We need to use a proven AntiCheat solution to keep the system fee of cheaters. From what I just checked, we have more than 200 players who are playing CS:GO right now with EasyAntiCheat loaded with SoStronk (on SoStronk and other servers). Please understand that its not valid to ask for something as critical as AntiCheat to be disabled just because some people are having issues (most of which are at the end their Windows being troubled that its not able to load a service, and ones where an AntiVirus detects false positives).


@Kick4ss and @Nobody you guys still there? It’ll be helpful for me to diagnose the “please quit CS:GO before starting SoStronk” message if you can follow Eac disconnect bug