EAC ERROR Getting Kicked From Server after 30 Secs


Getting this Error From 3 days :frowning: Help Me
Once @Nemz Helped me with this but i tried it once again no Outcomes :confused:
Help me got a Match this week :slight_smile: TY~
Note - Attaching Error Screenshot


TBH if you see “EasyAntiCheat successfully iniitialized.” and you still get kicked, we are not sure what might be causing this. Just to make sure its nothing to do with your network, is there any way you can test another ISP? Even a mobile 3G thing is fine to test.


Direct bhi karke dekha ISP bhi to kal hi change kiya hun ;_; bro :confused: kyakaru? mera match bhi hai.


I’ve asked the EAC developers about this problem, we’re waiting for a reply from them.


Okay :slight_smile: hope match ke pehle ho jaaye