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so i was using sostronk servers since Dubai MM is shiit , Players Online are almost 160 almost all the time and players in queue r 1 or 2 , one time we had 10 players in queue and we didn’t join a game was that because i still didn’t play and game or maybe they r higher rating than me ?.

P.S : 0 rating atm



we been more than 10 players in queue and we didn’t get a match and no we are 2 ?!

why is that ?!



Thanks for reaching out to us.
The matchmaking system gives preference based on various parameters, one of which is latency. When you were searching, the other 10 players had better average ping and so they got a match. We are doing our best so that more people start using our Matchmaking system from your region.



so the other team players weren’t queueing on dubai servers ?!

and thanks for the fast reply.



Yes. They were from a different region. The server location is decided based on best average ping.



okay , what about the maps if i had dust 2 at the bottom of my maps will be there a chance that 9 players have it on the top and i join them on the queue or ? the match i mean.



Like i said earlier, the matching is done on various factors. Ping, map preference, user rating, team rating and others. So all of these together decide on getting a match or not. For you the major factor is ping. Once more people start searching for games from your region, you’ll get a server in Dubai.



so if 10 from dubai queued on sostronk servers but the map preference is differenet will we get a match or ?



If all 10 players have completely different map preferences, a random map will be picked from those for the game.



@Gentleman - Read this link for a much longer version of the same discussion:

Feel free to add me if you have some friends to lobby up in Dubai. Its horrible to soloq right now. And NO, you cannot play SosTronk in Dubai as yet. They are trying, we are trying but its a tough run right now. I don’t understand why more from the middle east don’t know about this as yet!